Industrial Safety Equipment

Industrial Safety Equipment to Keep Your Workers Safe

The safety of a worker is very critical when working with Industrial Equipment in an Industrial environment. It’s crucial to keep Industrial safety equipment at the workplace. People are exposed to dangerous incidents while working in mining, construction, manufacturing, and the oil industry. Chances of getting injured are very prominent in these industries. 

Utilizing safety procedures, safety equipment, PPE suits, and increased awareness of specific workplace hazards helps save lives, increase productivity, and improve quality of life for all.

Here we are sharing some essential safety products- 

Safety Goggles

Safety Goggles

Safety glasses are essential safety equipment worn by workers in the construction and manufacturing industry. Safety eyewear protects from severe damage caused to the eyes while performing welding or soldering tasks or from the dust and debris produced by specific power tools. 

Safety Helmet

Safety Helmet

Safety helmets protect against fatal incidents that commonly take place in industrial work areas. There are various risks present at the construction and other manufacturing sites. Safety Helmets minimize the possibility of getting injured in the workplace.

Safety Gloves

Safety Gloves

A safety glove is designed to keep your hands safe from chemicals, sharp objects, sensitive materials, and extreme temperatures. Choose your safety gloves or work gloves based on the hazards involved. Look for gloves with proper fitting, and must be compatible with the work material.

Safety Mask

N95 facemask - racknsell

Industrial safety masks protect workers from breathing in hazardous substances, common in the industrial environment.
There are different types of Industrial masks available and can be used according to the need. Some will reduce the transfer of germs and contamination; some will be useful against harmful gas and contagious droplets.

A respirator mask like N95 is must-have safety equipment in many industries like Engineering, Automobiles, Petrochemicals, Cement, Coal, and Chemical industry. Respirators protect the wearer against several harmful microorganisms, droplets, and airborne particles that can cause serious illness. 

Safety Face Shields

safety face shield

face shield is a transparent sheet of plastic that has an attached headband. It covers the face from the top of the head to below the chin. Face Shields protect the wearer’s entire face and eyes from bodily fluids, flying objects, chemical splashes, or potentially infectious materials. It is useful for construction workers and the people who are involved in cutting and working with metal. 

Safety Shoes

safety shoes

Safety shoes are a must at the construction sites and manufacturing sites. There are the chances of getting hurt during transportation and lifting of heavy objects. Safety footwear act as a barrier of protection and takes care of the feet. Safety shoes protect from slips and falls. They also provide protection from electrical hazards, extreme weather conditions, and foot injuries.


PPE Kit 

PPE kit includes essential protective items like an overall bodysuit, face mask, face shield, mask, head protection, safety shoes, and gloves. PPE is a must for the safety of an individual while performing potentially hazardous work. 

Fall Protection

Fall Protection Racknsell

Fall protection systems are used by workers who have to work at height to restrain their movements to prevent falls or protect him in case of falls. A fall arrest system is useful where there is a risk of free fall from height. Safety harnesses, safety belts, and fall arrests are essential equipment of a fall protection system.

These are some of the safety equipment that is a must-have in different industries. If you plan to buy any safety equipment, you can visit RacknSell and explore our Safety Equipment and Gear category.

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