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Schneider XC60 63A 4P B-Curve AC MCB A9N4P63B

Schneider XC60 63A 4P B-Curve AC MCB A9N4P63B

Rs. 3499 Rs. 1662 /pcs 53% disc

Make: Schneider

Pack qty : 1 pcs

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Rs. 3499 Rs. 1662 /pcs

Product details

Breaking Capacity as per IEC 60898 and IS/IEC 60898-1, Icn = 10kA. Breaking Capacity as per IEC 60947-2, Icn = 15kA, upto 40A. Can be used for DC application upto 60V per pole. Higher system performance with optimized cost: Cascading. Increased System Continuity: Discrimination. Higher Installation Life: Energy Limitation Class 3, Fast Closure Mechanism. Ease, Speed and Flexibility of installation - Biconnect, Line-Load Reversible. Field-fittable auxiliaries for advance protection and monitoring. Positive Contact Indication for assurance of disconnection.

Product Features

Product Name Part Number MOQ Pack qty Price Current
Schneider XC60 50A 4P B-Curve AC MCB A9N4P50B A9N4P50B 1 1
Rs. 1647 /pcs
Schneider XC60 40A 4P B-Curve AC MCB A9N4P40B A9N4P40B 1 1
Rs. 1647 /pcs
Schneider XC60 32A 4P B-Curve AC MCB A9N4P32B A9N4P32B 1 1
Rs. 1144 /pcs
Schneider XC60 25A 4P B-Curve AC MCB A9N4P25B A9N4P25B 1 1
Rs. 1144 /pcs
Schneider XC60 20A 4P B-Curve AC MCB A9N4P20B A9N4P20B 1 1
Rs. 1144 /pcs
Schneider XC60 16A 4P B-Curve AC MCB A9N4P16B A9N4P16B 1 1
Rs. 1144 /pcs
Schneider XC60 10A 4P B-Curve AC MCB A9N4P10B A9N4P10B 1 1
Rs. 1207 /pcs
Schneider XC60 6A 4P B-Curve AC MCB A9N4P06B A9N4P06B 1 1
Rs. 1144 /pcs