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Luxor CD/DVD/OHP Marker Pen (Blue)
Luxor CD/DVD/OHP Marker Pen (Blue)
Make: Luxor
Price on request
Pack qty: 1 pcs MOQ: 95
Type: CD/DVD/OHP Marker Pen
Color: Blue
Dispatch Days: 4-7 days
Shipping Charges: Rs. 200 (Free delivery for Orders above Rs 2000)
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Product Name Part Number MOQ Pack qty Price Color
Luxor CD/DVD/OHP Marker Pen (Black) 9000019625 95 1
Price on request
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Luxor CD/DVD/OHP Marker Pen (Red) 9000019627 95 1
Price on request
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Luxor CD/DVD/OHP Marker Pen (Green) 95 1
Price on request
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Product details
Economical multi utility marker that marks on any surfaces specially on clothes, CD, projector film, glass, plastic, vinyl, paper etc. Won't fade or bubble under intense lamp heat. Application on various surfaces viz. Always replace cap after use.
Product features
RNS ID RS007289
Brand Name Luxor
Part Number: 9000019626
Type CD/DVD/OHP Marker Pen
Color Blue