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Aquasol Water Hardness Testing Kit, Range: 25-500ppm
Aquasol Water Hardness Testing Kit, Range: 25-500ppm
Make: Aquasol
Price on request
Pack qty: 1 Pcs MOQ: 1
Range: 25-500ppm
Product Type: Water Hardness Testing Kit
Dispatch Days: 4-7 days
Shipping Charges: Rs. 200 (Free delivery for Orders above Rs 2000)
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Product details
Directions for Use (25 ? 500 PPM): 1. Take 10 ml of water sample to be tested in the test jar. 2.Add one spoonful (provided herewith) of TH 1. 3.Mix contents well to dissolve. 4. Then add 10?12 drops of TH 2, and mix contents well. 5.Now drop wise* add TH 5, counting the number of drops while mixing, until the colour changes from red to blue.
Product features
RNS ID RS054095
Brand Name Aquasol
Part Number: AE511
Product Type Water Hardness Testing Kit